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1. On the Theory of Relaxation Processes in Ferrodielectrics at Low Temperatures
2. Interaction between Conduction Electrons in Ferromagnets
3. Ultrasonic Absorption in Metals
4. Diffraction Scattering of Fast Deuterons by Nuclei
5. On the Theory of the Thermal Conductivity and Absorption of Sound in Ferromagnetic Dielectrics
6. Theory of Wave Motion of an Electron Plasma
7. Electron Plasma Oscillations in an External Electric Field
8. Gamma Radiation Accompanying the Absorption of Fast Protons by Nuclei
9. Scattering of Electrons by Protons
10. Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves in a Plasma
11. Contribution to the Theory of Stripping at High Energies
12. Coupled Magnetoelastic Waves in Ferromagnetic Media and Ferroacoustic Resonance
13. Theory of Excitation of Hydromagnetic Waves
14. The Stability of Shock Waves in Magnetohydrodynamics
15. Coherent Amplification of Spin Waves
16. Stability Conditions on the Electron Distribution Function for a Plasma
17. Interaction of Charged-Particle Beams with Low-Frequency Plasma Oscillations
18. Effect of Radiation Processes on Transport Phenomena in a Plasma in a Strong Magnetic Field
19. On the Coexistence of Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism
20. Effect of Radiation on Electron Relaxation and Plasma Electrical Conductivity in a Strong Magnetic Field
21. Contribution to the Theory of Plasma Fluctuations
22. On the Theory of the Scattering of Slow Neutrons in a Fermi Liquid
23. The Theory of Transfer Phenomena in Metals in Strong Magnetic Fields
24. Contribution to the Theory of Collective Excitations of Nuclear Matter
25. Theory of the Electric Conductivity of a Turbulent Plasma
26. A New Kind of Instability in a Partially Ionized Plasma
27. The Possibility of the Excitation of Spin Waves in Magnetically Ordered Ferroelectrics
28. Fluctuations in a Magnetohydrodynamic Shock Wave
29. Theory of damping of magnetohydrodynamic waves in a high-temperature plasma
30. Electron-electron collisions and the electric conductivity of metals at low temperatures
31. Contribution to the theory of the oscillations of a plasmon gas in a weakly turbulent plasma
32. Theory of instabilities emerging in the formation of a quark-gluon plasma
33. Spontaneous magnetization in a dense neutron gas and a dense plasma of particles and antiparticles; magnetohydrodynamic waves in dense neutron matter
34. Theory of bremsstrahlung of relativistic electrons and positrons in crystals
35. Quasiclassical theory of radiation emission from high-energy particles in an external field and the problem of boundary conditions
36. Kinetic theory of the absorption of low-frequency sound and second sound in insulators
37. Scattering of a photon by an electron moving in the field of a plane periodic electromagnetic wave
38. Contribution to the theory of electromagnetic showers In crystalline media
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