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Guidelines for Authors

Authors intending to submit papers to Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics (JETP) are requested to comply with the following rules.
  1. Papers submitted for publication in JETP must contain original results that have not been published previously and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere. In special cases, topical review articles are commissioned by the Editorial Board.
  2. Manuscripts must be finalized and be concise to the clearest possible extent. Duplication in text of data presented in tables and figures should be avoided, as well as simultaneous presentation of the same numerical data in tables and graphs.
  3. In case of several authors, the corresponding author is considered by the Editorial Board as an official representative of all authors. The manuscript must be supplemented with the full name, e-mail and post-office addresses, and a telephone number of the corresponding author.
  4. Submission of a manuscript implies that the corresponding author confirms the following statements:
    • Manuscript contains original results that have not been published previously.
    • Manuscript is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. During the consideration in Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, the manuscript will not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
    • The scientific results are accurately presented in the manuscript.
    • Manuscript does not contain text, figures, tables, and results from papers of any authors without proper citations.
    • All listed authors contributed to the work presented in the manuscript, e.g, developed a concept, formulated the problem, derived and/or interpretered results, etc.
    • All those who contributed significantly to the work presented in the manuscript were offered to become co-authors.
    • All authors have agreed to submit the manuscript to Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics.
    • All authors agree with the polices and practices of the Editorial Board.
  5. The text must be formatted as a Microsoft Word (Word template) or LaTeX file (LaTeX template); each figure should be submitted as a separate PostScript (*.ps) or EncapsulatedPostScript (*.eps) file. The manuscript must be accompanied by an abstract containing a clear and brief statement of the purpose and results of the work. The abstract must not duplicate the Conclusions section.
  6. Each page of the manuscript must be typeset in a single column, double spaced, with a font size of 12 or 14 pt, and with a left margin of at least 4 cm. Large formulas and equations must be typed on separate lines. Vector quantities must be denoted by boldface characters. Manuscripts must be paginated. Tables, references, and figure captions must be placed after text on separate pages at the end of the manuscript.
  7. Footnotes must be numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript. All references must be enumerated, in the order of citation, in a single list at the end of the manuscript and referred to in text by indicating their corresponding numbers in brackets (e.g., [1]). When less than five authors, the last names and initials of all authors must be given; otherwise, the first three authors’ names must be followed by et al. The following examples illustrate reference formatting:
    1. V. B. Berestetskii, E. M. Lifshitz, and L. P. Pitaevskii, Quantum Electrodynamics, Nauka, Moscow (1984).
    2. A. M. Sergeev, R. I. Chernova, and A.Ya. Sergienko, Fiz. Tverd. Tela 30, 835 (1988).
    3. R. Brewer, J. M. Faber, C. N. Malenson, et al., Phys. Rev. A 18, 1632 (1978).
    4. A. N. Stirling and D. Watson, in Progress in Low Temperature Physics, Ed. by D. F. Brewer, North Holland, Amsterdam (1986), Vol. 10, p. 683.
    5. K. D. Gromov and M. E. Landsberg, in Abstract of Papers, Xth All-Union Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Tashkent, 1986, Nauka, Moscow (1987), p. 434.
    6. M. P. Elliot, V. Rumford, and A. A. Smith, Preprint TH 4302-CERN (1988).
    7. L. N. Shalimova and A. S. Kryukov, Preprint No. P-16-22, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (1987).
    8. N. V. Vasil’ev, Candidate’s Dissertation in Mathematical Physics, Moscow State Univ., Moscow (1985).
    9. A. Fang, C. Howald, N. Kaneko, et al., arXiv:cond-mat/0404452.
    10. F. Zhang, C. L. Kane, and E. J. Mele, arXiv:1208.2968.
  8. Each figure must be placed on a separate page after text at the end of the manuscript and formatted such that all details (particularly in photographs) are sharp and can be clearly understood. The number of each figure must be indicated. Legends to figures should be replaced by numbers and letters wherever possible, with explanations provided in text or in figure captions.
  9. The corresponding author will receive a copy of proofs e-mailed as *.ps or *.pdf file. A list of corrections must be e-mailed back to the Editorial Board as a *.pdf file within three days.
  10. Online electronic submission is preferable since it simplifies and speeds up editorial processing. To submit your manuscript online, please, follow the hyperlink.
  11. It is possible to submit your manuscript via e-mail by attaching the pdf file of the paper and all necessary electronic source files (.doc, .tex, .eps, .jpg, etc.).
  12. Please note that by sending a manuscript, the authors accept the copyright transfer agreement (see details). The agreement enters into force under the condition of acceptance of the article for publication in English. If for any reason your article is refused by the Editorial Board, the agreement automatically loses force. After the manuscript is accepted for publication, a copyright transfer agreement form signed by the corresponding author has to be sent to the journal via e-mail
  13. Author honorarium for regular articles published in the English version of JETP is paid to citizens of the Russian Federation or the CIS. Honorarium is also paid to authors of specially invited articles (reviews, commemorative editions).
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