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Aims and Scope

As the most influential Russian physics research journal, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics publishes original papers on fundamental theoretical and experimental research in all fields of physics: from solids and liquids to elementary particles and astrophysics:
  • atoms, molecules, optics:
    • general quantum mechanics
    • quantum information and quantum computers
    • collective properties of cold atoms and molecules (including BEC)
    • structure and dynamics of atoms and molecules
    • atomic and molecular collisions, radiation sources
    • interaction of phonons, electrons, atoms and molecules with solids and surfaces
    • interaction of atoms and molecules with elecromagnetic fields, quantum and classical optics, laser physics, nonlinear physics classical electrodynamics
  • nuclei, particles, fields, gravitation, and astrophysics:
    • nuclear structure, collisions and nuclear reactions
    • hadron physics and QCD
    • electromagnetic and weak interactions
    • cosmology, astroparticle physics, gravitation and astrophysics
    • quantum field theory, string theory
  • solids and liquids:
    • scattering and absorption of particles and waves, excitation spectra
    • structure, mechanical properties, crystal defects, crystal growth
    • thermal properties of solids and liquids
    • quantum liquids and crystals
    • low-dimensional systems (structure etc.)
  • order, disorder, and phase transitions in condensed system:
    • inhomogeneous, irregular, and partially disordered systems
    • magnetism, piezoelectricity, and ferroelectricity
    • superconductivity and superfluidity
    • phase transitions
  • electronic properties of solids:
    • electronic properties of metals and insulators
    • strongly correlated electron systems
    • physics of semiconductors
    • low-dimensional systems (electronic properties)
  • statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics:
    • statistical physics
    • polymers, liquid crystals
    • physics of biological systems
    • chaos
    • dynamics of liquis
    • plasma physics, termonuclear fusion
    • computational physics, complex systems
    • physics of nonlinear systems

Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics also publishes topical review articles commissioned by the Editorial Board.

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