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1. On the Application of Quantum-Field-Theory Methods to Problems of Quantum Statistics at Finite Temperatures
2. Van der Waals Forces in an Inhomogeneous Dielectric
3. Van der Waals Forces in Liquid Films
4. On the Magneto-Electrical Effect in Antiferromagnets
5. A General Relation in the Theory of the Ferromagnetic Fermi Liquid
6. Theory of Helicoidal Structures in Antiferromagnets. I. Nonmetals
7. Nonlinear Effects in Antiferromagnets. "Latent" Antiferrormagnetism
8. Feasibility of Zero-sound Oscillations in Metals
9. A Diagram Technique for Evaluating Transport Coefficients in Statistical Physics at Finite Temperature
10. The Theory of Helicoidal Structures in Antiferromagnets. II. Metals
11. Possibility of Superconductivity Type Phenomena in a One-dimensional System
12. Possible States of Quasi-unidimensional Systems
13. Contribution to the Theory of the Mott Exciton in a Strong Magnetic Field
14. Superconductivity and Quasi-one-dimensional (Thread-Like) Structures
15. Theory of Superconductivity of Quasi One-dimensional Structures
16. Theory of the Antiferromagnetism of Chromium
17. Theory of Quantum Crystals I. Phenomenological Theory
18. Theory of Quantum Crystals II
19. Nonlocalized Spin Densities in Antiferromagnetic Substances
20. An "Averaged" Phase Transition
21. Dynamics of one-dimensional electron-phonon systems at low temperatures
22. Hydrogenlike system in crossed electric and magnetic fields
23. Theory of weak ferromagnetism of a Fermi liquid
24. The phenomenological theory of magnetic resonance and of spin waves in antiferromagnets
25. First-order magnetic phase transitions and fluctuations
26. A New Type of Disclination in Liquid Crystals and the Stability of Disclinations of Various Type
27. Possible phase transitions in systems of interacting metallic filaments (quasiunidimensional metals)
28. Theory of Bose quantum crystals
29. Van der Waals forces and light scattering in liquid crystals
30. Correlation functions for a one-dimensional Fermi system with long-range interaction (Tomonaga model)
31. Additional localized degrees of freedom in spin glasses
32. Spin waves in UO2
33. Character of phase transitions to a helical or sinusoidal state in magnetic materials
34. The effect of umklapp processes on the dynamics of the Peierls-Fröhlich state
35. New method of finding dynamic solutions in the Peierls model
36. Weak-coupling theory for La2CuO4
37. Superconducting transitions due to Van Hove singularities in the electron spectrum
38. Theory of weak crystallization
39. Spin states in the Peierls model, and finite-band potentials
40. Sound and charge-density wave in the discrete Peierls model
41. Commensurability effects in the discrete Peierls model
42. Topological phase transition in the XY model of a spin glass
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