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1. The "Complete Experiment" in β Decay
2. Polarization Tensors in the Born Approximation
3. Singularities of the S Matrix and the p0 Meson
4. On the Radiative Correction in Weak-Interaction Processes
5. Invariant Expansions of Relativistic Amplitudes
6. The Theory of Spiral Amplitudes
7. Radiative Corrections to the β Decay of the Neutron
8. The Weizsäcker-Williams Relation for Matrix Elements
9. Parallel Transfer of Spin in Lobachevskii Space
10. Spirality Inversion in Nuclear Reactions
11. Reconstruction of the Scattering Matrix near Threshold
12. Covariant Expansion of the Electromagnetic Field
13. On an Upper Limit on the Density of Neutrinos, Gravitons, and Baryons in the Universe
14. Radiative Corrections in Pion Decays
15. On Complete Sets of Observables
16. Orbiting and Resonance tates
17. The Wave Functions of an Asymmetric Top
18. The Aharonov-Bohm effect in a toroidal solenoid
19. The Clebsch-Gordan coefficients, the d-function of SU(2), and their symmetry
20. The optical isotropy of space and its relation to the equivalence principle
21. Multipole electromagnetic moments of a neutrino in a dispersive medium
22. Erratum: Electromagnetic structure and scattering of neutrinos in an isotropic medium [Sov. Phys. JETP 66, 890-896 (1987)]
23. Electromagnetic structure and scattering of neutrinos in an isotropic medium
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