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1. Theory of Second-harmonic Generation of Light in Focused Beams
2. Estimated Radiation Intensity Emitted by a Modulated Electron Beam
3. Radiation Statistics of a Q-switched Neodymium Laser
4. Relaxation of Quantum Systems with Equidistant Spectra
5. Relaxation of a Quantum Oscillator
6. Relaxation of a Quantum Oscillator in the Presence of an External Force
7. Parametric scattering of light by molecules and in crystals without a symmetry center
8. The Polarization Properties of Light Spontaneously Scattered in a Liquid (Phenomenological Analysis)
9. Evolution of the changes induced in the refractive properties of a gas by stimulated Raman scattering
10. Birefringence and gyrotropy due to nearly Bragglike processes in the x-ray region
11. Self-focusing of light in nematic liquid crystals as a method of investigation of the orienting effect of a free surface
12. Reversal of the wave front of light in the case of depolarized pumping
13. Can an atom "be set in rotation"?
14. Nonlinear response of a photorefractive crystal in a variable field to a moving interference pattern
15. Lasers based on photorefractive gratings written by the synchronous detection mechanism
16. Interference of one- and two-photon processes in the ionization of atoms and molecules
17. Energy exchange between light waves in media with bipolar response
18. Non-distorting action of inhomogeneous medium of a nematic liquid crystal on an ordinary wave (theory and experiment)
19. Acceleration of charged particles by laser beams
20. Formation of an isolated wavefront dislocation
21. The recording of static holograms in photorefractive crystals by moving interference patterns
22. Theory and observation of polar asymmetry of photoionization in a field with 3
23. Fluctuation corrections to the index of refraction. Nematics
24. Stimulated diffusion backscattering of nanosecond pulses under exposure accumulation conditions
25. Nonstationary optical excitation of bulk short-period orientation lattices in a nematic
26. Diffractive focusing due to almost-Bragg processess in a medium with periodic inhomogeneities
27. Interaction of light waves with nonuniformly oriented liquid crystals
28. Threshold interaction of extraordinary light waves with nematics
29. Fluctuations of the director of a nematic liquid crystal in a cell of finite thickness
30. Fredericks transitions induced by light fields
31. Dislocations of the wave-front surface and zeros of the amplitude
32. Reorientation of liquid-crystal director by light near the threshold of spatially periodic convective instability
33. Thermomechanical effects in deformed nematlcs
34. Equilibrium structure of a cholesteric with homeotropic orientation on the walls
35. Conservation laws and integration of the equilibrium equation of liquid crystals
36. Optics of a chiral liquid crystal far from a Bragg resonance
37. Dislocation density on wavefront of a speckle-structure light field
38. Theory of optically induced Freedericksz transition (OFT)
39. Orientational effect of a light wave on a cholesteric mesophase
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