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1. Renormalization in Parity-Nonconservation Theory
B.L. Ioffe
JETP, 1960, Vol. 11, No. 4, p. 911
PDF (1103.7K)

2. Dispersion Relations for Pions Scattered by Deuterons
3. Dispersion Relations for Scattering and Photoproduction
B.L. Ioffe
JETP, 1957, Vol. 4, No. 4, p. 534
PDF (1377.6K)

4. Two Possible Schemes of Non-Conservation of Parity in Weak Interactions
B.L. Ioffe
JETP, 1957, Vol. 5, No. 5, p. 1015
PDF (372.7K)

5. The Problem of Parity Non-conservation in Weak Interactions
6. Limits of Applicability of the Weak-Interaction Theory
B.L. Ioffe
JETP, 1960, Vol. 11, No. 5, p. 1158
PDF (564.2K)

7. Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering in the Two-Meson Approximation for Large Orbital Angular Momenta
8. Proof of the Absence of Renormalization of the Vector Coupling Constant in Beta-Decay
B.L. Ioffe
JETP, 1958, Vol. 7, No. 5, p. 927
PDF (224K)

9. Consequences of the Two-Component Behavior of the Electron in the Beta Interaction
10. Capture of Polarized μ--Mesons by Nuclei
B.L. Ioffe
JETP, 1958, Vol. 6, No. 1, p. 240
PDF (367.1K)

11. The Asymptotic Green's Function of Nucleon and Meson in Pseudoscalar Theory with Weak Interaction
12. On the \pi \rightarrow e + 
u + \gamma Decay
V.G. Vaks, B.L. Ioffe
JETP, 1959, Vol. 8, No. 1, p. 151
PDF (714.2K)

13. Restrictions Imposed on the Magnitude of the Cross Section for the Reaction e^{+} + e^{-}{\longrightarrow}\pi^{+} + \pi^{-} by Analyticity Requirements
14. Trajectories of Regge Vacuum Poles
15. Restrictions on the Values of the Coupling Constants and the Vertex Part for the Interaction of Three Particles in Quantum Field Theory. II.
16. Restrictions on the Values of Coupling Constants in Quantum Field Theory. I
17. Λη Resonance
B.L. Ioffe
JETP, 1963, Vol. 16, No. 1, p. 245
PDF (143.4K)

18. Some Consequences of the Moving-Pole Hypothesis for Processes at High Energies
19. Violation of the ΔQ = ΔS Rule in Leptonic Decays of K Mesons and the High-Energy Behavior of Weak Interactions
B.L. Ioffe
JETP, 1962, Vol. 15, No. 5, p. 978
PDF (263.2K)

20. Several Consequences of Unitary Symmetry for Processes Involving ω, \fi and f0 Mesons
21. Weak Interactions in Colliding Beams of Electrons
22. Poles of the Vertex Function and Orthogonalization of One-particle States
23. The Domain of Applicability of Perturbation Theory in the Electrodynamics of Vector Mesons
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