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1. Mobility of Small-Radius Polarons at Low Temperatures
2. On the Theory of the Electrical Conductivity of Semiconductors in a Magnetic Field. I
3. Giant Quantum Oscillations in the Acoustical Absorption by a Metal in a Magnetic Field
4. Kinetic Theory of Semiconductors with Low Mobility
5. Theory of Plasma Diffusion in a Magnetic Field
6. Theory of Electric Conductivity of Semiconductors in a Magnetic Field. II
7. The Effect of Electron Spin on the Quantum Oscillations of the Galvanomagnetic Coefficients of n-type InSb
8. A New Oscillation Mode of the Longitudinal Magnetoresistance of Semiconductors
9. Interband Optical Transitions in Low Mobility Semiconductors
10. Spin-magnetophonon Resonance and the Magnetoresistance Oscillations Produced by it in Semiconductors
11. Stochastic Aspects of Low Mobility Theory
12. General Theory of Transport Processes in Strong Electric Fields
13. Long-wave Vibrations in Ionic Crystals
14. Local Oscillations in an Ionic Crystal in the Presence of a Long-range Defect
15. Calculation of the Activation Probability for a Jump of a Small-radius Polaron
16. Concerning the possible states of a one-dimensional Fermi system
17. Properties of a quasi-one-dimensional system below the superconducting transition temperature
18. Critical phase-transition temperature of a quasi-one-dimensional metal
19. Quasi-one-dimensional generalization of the Tomonaga-Luttinger model
20. Localization dynamics in weakly disordered systems
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