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1. Remarks on the Optical Model of the Nucleus
2. Generation of Neutral Pions in the Interaction between 9 Bev Protons and Photographic Emulsion Nuclei
3. Determination of the Capture Frequency of Slow Mesons by Light and Heavy Nuclei in Photoemulsions
4. Interaction of 9-Bev Protons with Free and Quasifree Nucleons in Photographic Emulsions
5. Possible Method of Identifying New Transuranic Elements
6. On the Mechanism of Capture of Stopped K- Mesons
7. Several Possible Applications for the Resonant Scattering of Gamma Rays
8. On the Problem of the Negative π-Meson Decays
9. Nuclear Fissions Associated with Heavy Unstable Particles
10. Correction to Article "Fluctuation in Collision of High Energy Particles" [J. Exptl. Theoret. Phys. (U.S.S.R.) 29, 296 (1955)]
11. Hyperfragments in Nuclear Emulsions
12. Two τ-Mesons Detected in Photographic Emulsions
13. Energy Spectrum of π--Mesons Produced by Cosmic Rays in Photographic Emulsions
14. Investigation of the Close-Pair Effect in Cosmic-Ray Stars by Means of Moving Photographic Plates
15. Investigation of σ-Stars Induced by Negative π-Mesons
16. Concerning Superpositions with Respect to the Internal Properties of Elementary Particles
17. On the Correlation Method for the Determination of the Absolute Yield of Nuclear Reactions
18. Note on Subsequent Transitions in Meson-Atoms
19. Fluctuations during Collision of High Energy Particles
20. On the Problem of Angular Correlation of Secondary Particles Produced in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions
21. A Possible Method of Determining the Magnetic Moment of the Σ+ Hyperon
22. Some Consequences of the Long Lifetime of η and ω Mesons
23. Resonance Reflection of Gamma Rays from a Crystal Surface
24. Concerning the Radiation of a Nucleus in the Presence of Unexcited Nuclei of the Same Type
25. Production of Charged Hyperons by 9-Bev Protons Interacting with Photographic Emulsion Nuclei
26. Gamma-quantum Production in the Interaction Between 7-BeV Negative Pions and Nucleons
27. On Coherent Interactions Between High Energy Particles and Nuclei
28. The Doppler Width of Emission and Absorption Lines
29. Certain Interference Phenomena in K0\barK0 Systems
30. Possibility of a New Method for Investigating the Statistical Behavior of Linear Systems
31. Concerning the Gravitational Masses of K0 and \bar{K}^{0} Mesons
32. Inelastic Interactions Between 6.8-Bev/c π- Mesons and Nucleons
33. Elastic Scattering of 2.8- and 6.8 Bev/c π- Mesons on Carbon
34. Inelastic Interaction of Protons and Nucleons at an Energy of 9 Bev
35. Effect of the Interaction Between Neutrons and Nuclei on the Width of Paramagnetic Resonance in a Neutron Beam
36. Effect of the Medium on the Properties of K^{0}\bar{K}^{0} Meson Pairs
37. Spontaneous Transitions Accompanying the Passage of Light through Anisotropic Media
38. Anisotropy of Radiation from Atomic Hydrogen in an Electric Field
39. The Question of the Identity of Elementary Particles
40. Some Remarks Concerning the Interference of Independent Light Beams
41. Interference of Nonidentical Particles
42. Interference Phenomena in Recording of Decaying Particle Pairs
43. Nonorthogonal Quasistationary States
44. Interference of two-particle states in elementary-particle physics and astronomy
45. Passage of ultrarelativistic positronium atoms through matte
46. Multiple Coulomb scattering of ultrarelativistic charged particles moving at small to crystallographic planes
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