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1. Cerenkov Radiation of an Electron Moving in a Medium with Spatial Dispersion
2. Field of a Charged Particle in a Moving Medium
3. Instability of Longitudinal Oscillations of an Electron-Ion Plasma
4. On the Magnetic Susceptibility of a Relativistic Electron Gas
5. Elastic Scattering of High Energy Particles by Deuterons
A.A. Rukhadze
JETP, 1958, Vol. 7, No. 4, p. 700
PDF (308.3K)

6. Interaction of Nucleons through a Pseudoscalar Meson Field
A.A. Rukhadze
JETP, 1956, Vol. 2, No. 3, p. 570
PDF (191.3K)

7. Inelastic Scattering of Mesons in the Semi-Phenomenological Theory of the Interaction of π-Mesons with Nucleons
8. Energy Losses of an Electron in a Medium with Spatial Dispersion
9. On the Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in a Medium with Appreciable Spatial Dispersion
10. On the Problem of Two-Nucleon Interaction in the Tamm-Dancoff Method
A.A. Rukhadze
JETP, 1959, Vol. 8, No. 2, p. 353
PDF (257.3K)

11. Temperature Equilibration Rate for Charged Particles in a Plasma
12. Hydrodynamics of a Nonisothermal Plasma
13. On Stabilization of Flute Instability of a Plasma by an Inhomogeneous Electric Field
14. Excitation of Electromagnetic Waves in Plasmas Situated in External Electric Fields
15. Acceleration of Electrons in a Plasma Situated in a Strong Electric Field
16. Drift-cyclotron Oscillations of a Collision Plasma Propagating Across a Magnetlc Field
17. Dynamics and Radiation of Direct High-current Discharges in the Atmosphere
18. Injection of a Relativistic Electron Beam into a Plasma
19. Constrictions in a Plasma of Finite Conductivity
20. Current-convective Instability of an Electron Beam in a Plasma
21. Excitation of Longitudinal Electromagnetic Waves in a Restricted Plasma by Injection of Relativistic Electron Beams
22. Stationary Nonlinear Ion-Acoustic Oscillations in a Dense Weakly Ionized Current-Carrying Plasma
23. Nonlinear Interaction of a Low-density Relativistic Electron Beam with a Plasma
24. Limiting Currents in Relativistic Electron Beams
25. Nonlinear oscillations of an unstable plasma
26. lnvestigation of equilibrium and stability of self-contracted discharges in an optically dense plasma
27. Nonlinear ion surface oscillations in a semi-restricted current-carrying plasma
28. On the theory of relativistic-electron-beam injection into a spatially confined plasma
29. Limiting Currents in Compensated Electron Beams with a Relativistic Energy Spread
30. Nonlinear Plasma Ion Oscillations Excited by a Current
31. Injection of a relativistic electron beam into a plasma with strong spatial dispersion
32. Nonlinear theory of excitation of electromagnetic waves in a dielectric medium by a nonrelativistic electron beam
33. Excitation of electromagnetic waves in a plasma in a homogeneous magnetic field by a strong-current relativistic electron beam
34. Nonlinear theory of the excitation of surface electromagnetic waves in a dielectric medium by a relativistic electron beam
35. Plasma-filled gyrotron with a relativistic supervacuum electron beam
36. Spectral characteristics of a relativistic plasma microwave generator
37. Stimulated Compton scattering by a relativistic electron beam
38. Nonlinear dynamics of resonant stimulated Cerenkov emission in a spatially bounded plasma
39. The theory of transverse-unhomogeneous beam-plasma amplifiers
40. Nonlinear theory of relativistic emitters based on straight free-electron beams
41. Anomalous Doppler resonance of electrons with a one-dimensional monochromatic electromagnetic wave
42. Path expansion technique in the nonlinear electrodynamics of a nonequilibrium plasma
43. Relativistic space charge waves in intense neutralized magnetized electron beams
44. One-dimensional gasdynamic simulation of electron-beam transport in a rarefied gas
45. Relativistic plasma microwave oscillator
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