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1. On the Rarita-Schwinger Method in the Theory of Particles of Half-Integral Spin
E.E. Fradkin
JETP, 1957, Vol. 5, No. 6, p. 1203
PDF (298.4K)

2. Particle with Spin 3/2 in an Electromagnetic Field
E.E. Fradkin
JETP, 1957, Vol. 5, No. 2, p. 298
PDF (194K)

3. Nuclear Moments of the Odd Isotopes of Gadolinium
4. Isotope Shift of Spectral Lines and the Compressibility of Deformed Nuclei
E.E. Fradkin
JETP, 1962, Vol. 15, No. 3, p. 550
PDF (981.8K)

5. Contribution to the Theory of a Gas Ring Laser in a Magnetic Field
6. Nonlinear interaction between differently polarized waves traveling in opposite directions in a ring laser
7. Effect of Combination Coupling on the Spectral and Statistical Properties of Multimode Fluctuations in a Traveling-wave Lase
8. Supertransparency
9. Mechanism of formation of pulses of self-induced transparency in the presence of Kerr nonlinearity
10. Stability of self-induced transparency solitons in a resonant waveguide
11. Theory of mode locking with a coherent absorber. I. Generation of soliton-like 2π pulses
12. Propagation of a three-dimensional opticai soliton in a resonant gaseous medium
13. Atomic quasienergy levels and high-frequency Stark effect in the field of strong polychromatic radiation with equidistant spectum
14. Diffraction of optical radiation by metallic bodies
15. Atoms in the field of strong multimode synchronized radiation
E.E. Fradkin
JETP, 1983, Vol. 57, No. 5, p. 965
PDF (300.6K)

16. Theory of subradiative absorption structure in the interaction between two intense waves in a nonlinear medium
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