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1. Effect of the Interaction Between Neutrons and Nuclei on the Width of Paramagnetic Resonance in a Neutron Beam
2. Spontaneous Transitions Accompanying the Passage of Light through Anisotropic Media
3. Neutron Diffraction in a Polarized Crystal
4. Transition Radiation of γ Rays in a Crystal
5. Scattering of Particles by Long-range Potentials
6. Magnetic Scattering of Neutrons
7. Some Remarks Concerning the Interference of Independent Light Beams
8. Inelastic Magnetic ne Scattering at Small Angles
9. Nonorthogonal Quasistationary States
10. Passage of Electrons and Atoms Through a Magnetized Medium
11. Effect of nuclear spin on the exchange line shift in optically pumped gases
12. Specular reflection of neutrons from targets with polarized nuclei
13. Effect of energy losses on bremsstrahlung of relativistic electrons
14. Theory of the interaction of atoms (muonium, positronium) with magnetized substances
15. On the existence of a quadrupole moment in muonium
16. Angular, spectral, and polarization properties of radiation emitted by high-energy electrons passing through a layer of matter
17. Parametric x-ray emission by crystals irradiated by an ultrasound wave
18. Effect of multiple scattering on parametric x radiation
19. The role of incoherent scattering in radiation processes at small angles of incidence of particles on crystallographic axes or planes
20. Parametric x-ray radiation with highly asymmetric diffraction
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