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1. Surface Waves in a Plasma with a Current
2. "Plasmon" Mechanism of Superconductivity in Degenerate Semiconductors and Semimetals. II
3. Superconductivity in Lamellar Semiconducting Structures
E.A. Pashitskii
JETP, 1969, Vol. 29, No. 2, p. 362
PDF (670.6K)

4. "Plasmon" Mechanism of Superconductivity in Degenerate Semiconductors and Semimetals. I.
E.A. Pashitskii
JETP, 1969, Vol. 28, No. 6, p. 1267
PDF (611.9K)

5. Investigation of Drift-beam Instability of a Plasma-ion Beam System in a Longitudinal Magnetic Field
6. Effect of the low-frequency peaks of the phonon state density on the critical temperature of superconductors
7. Influence of spatial dispersion on the image forces and electron energy spectrum above the surface of liquid helium
8. Screening of charges and Friedel oscillations of the electron density in metals having differently shaped Fermi surfaces
9. Paramagnetic limit of superconductors with dielectric gap on the Fermi surface
10. Interaction of current carriers with acoustic plasmons as a possible reason for anomalous relaxation in cuprate metal-oxide compounds
11. Plasmon mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity in cuprate metal-oxide compounds
12. The mechanism for superconductivity in doped fullerite AxC60
13. Energy spectrum of electrons above a thin liquid helium film in a clamping electric field
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