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1. Charged Particle Energy Losses Due to Excitation of Plasma Oscillations
2. Relativistic Transport Equations for a Plasma. I.
3. A Relativistic Transport Equation for a Plasma. II
4. Magnetohydrodynamics for Nonisothermal Plasma without Collisions
5. Hydrodynamic Description of the Motion of a Charged Particle in a Weakly Ionized Plasma
6. Theory of Fluctuations of the Particle Distributions in a Plasma
7. Nonlinear Interaction of Waves in a Plasma
8. A Study of Semiconductor Polarization by Taking into Account Saturation (Two-band Model)
9. Wave Synchronization in a Gas Laser with a Ring Resonator
10. Contribution to the Theory of Optical Excitation of Semiconductors. Absorption and Dispersion in Single-photon and Two-photon Processes
11. The Boltzmann Kinetic Equation for an Imperfect Gas
12. Contribution to the Theory of Line Width and Amplitude Fluctuations of a Gas Laser
13. Kinetic Equations for a Classical Non-ideal Plasma
14. On the Theory of Parametric Scattering of Light by Polaritons
15. Statistical Theory of Inelastic Processes in a Plasma
16. Stability of Opposing-wave Regime in a Ring Gas Laser
17. Statistical Theory of Inelastic Process in a Plasma. II. Processes Due to a Transverse Electromagnetic Field
18. Quantum Kinetic Equations for a Nonideal Gas and a Nonideal Plasma
19. The effect of the polarization of a plasma on its kinetic properties in the presence of a strong electric field
20. Intensity modulation of stimulated scattering under conditions of high pump intensity
21. Kinetic fluctuations in a partially ionized plasma and in chemically reacting gases
22. The Callen-Welton and Kubo formulas for nonequitibrium states
23. Effect of fluctuations in the critical range in a second-order phase transition on a nonequilibrium phase transition
24. Fluctuations in the critical region
25. Residual time correlations and the 1/ω spectrum for Brownian motion
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