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1. Electrical Conductivity and Galvanomagnetic Coefficients of Semimetals and Degenerate Semiconductors in a Strong Electric Field
2. Electromagnetic Spectrum of Ferromagnetic Metals in a Stzong Electric Fleld and its Excitation
3. Thermal emf and Thermal Resistance of Ferromagnetic Metals with Impurities
4. Thermomagnetic Phenomena in Ferromagnetic Metals with Magnetic Impurities
5. Thermal EMF and Thermomagnetic Properties of Bismuth at Low Temperatures
6. Plasma-phonon Magnetohydrodynamic Waves in Semimetals
7. Effect of Dipole-dipole Interaction on the Thermodynamics of a Ferromagnet Near the Curie Temperature
8. Thermodynamic and Kinetic Properties of Dilute Ferromagnetic Alloys
9. Electron Heat Conductivity and the Wiedemann-Franz Law for Bi
10. Effect of oscillating interaction between magnetic impurities on the properties of dilute magnetic alloys
11. Spin waves and density of states in disordered ferromagnetic substances
12. Spin waves in dilute ferromagnetic alloys of the PdFe type
13. Dilute ferromagnetic alloys with long-range exchange interaction
14. Generation of high-frequency magnons by nonequilibrium electrons polarized opposite to the direction of magnetization
15. Low-temperature properties of amorphous magnetic materials with random axis of anisotropy
16. Ferromagnetism of dilute PdNi alloys
17. Antiferromagnets with frustrated intrasublattice interaction in a magnetic field
18. Magnetic properties of frustrated antiferromagnets. Phase transition into spin glass
19. Antiferromagnetic spin glass in the king model
20. Spin glass in an lsing two-sublattice magnet
21. Orientational phase transitions in disordered magnetic materials
22. Random anisotropy of the indirect exchange and nature of the ordering of impurity spins in semiconductors
23. Resistance of bismuth at low temperatures
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