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1. Dispersion Relations for Photoproduction of Pions on Nucleons
2. The Method of Dispersion Relations and Perturbation Theory
3. Concerning a Certain Generalization of a Renormalization Group
A.A. Logunov
JETP, 1956, Vol. 3, No. 5, p. 766
PDF (288.3K)

4. Diffusion Coefficient of Particles in a Magnetized Interstellar Medium
5. Green's Function in Scalar Electrodynamics in the Region of Small Momenta
A.A. Logunov
JETP, 1956, Vol. 2, No. 2, p. 337
PDF (313.3K)

6. Asymptotic Relations Between Cross Sections in Local Field Theory
7. The Fredholm Method in the Relativistic Scattering Problem
8. Quasi-optical Model and the Asymptotic Behavior of the Scattering Amplitude
9. Generalization of Symanzik's Theorem on the Majorization of Feynman Graphs
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