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1. Heat Capacity of Laminar Structures at Low Temperatures
2. Heat Capacity of Laminar Lattices at Low Temperatures
3. The Heat Capacity of Bismuth Telluride at Low Temperatures
E.S. Itskevich
JETP, 1960, Vol. 11, No. 2, p. 255
PDF (663.2K)

4. Effect of Pressure on the Fermi Surfaces of Zinc and Cadmium
5. Effect of Pressure on the Superconducting Transition Temperature of the Alloys Nb3Sn and Nb-Zr
6. The Electrical Resistance of Cerium at Low Temperatures and High Pressures
E.S. Itskevich
JETP, 1962, Vol. 15, No. 5, p. 811
PDF (1036.9K)

7. Influence of Pressure on Oscillation Effects in Bismuth
8. Effect of Pressure on Lattice Oscillations and Electron-phonon Interaction in Superconductors
9. Superconductivity of Bismuth, Barium, and Lead at Pressures Exceeding 100 Kbar
10. Shubnikov - De Haas Effect in Bismuth under a Pressure of 15 Kbar
11. Change of the Parameters of the Electron Energy Spectrum in Bismuth Under Pressure
12. Deformation of the Bismuth Fermi Surface by Pressures up to 8 kbar
13. Magnetic inversion of the Hall effect in tellurium
14. Influence of hydrostatic pressure on the splitting of the Landau levels in tellurium
15. Change of Bi2Te3 band structure under hydrostatic compression
16. Change of phonon energy in germanium at pressures up to 3 GPa
17. Effect of pressure on the Fermi surfaces of the dioxides of molybdenum and tungsten
18. Effect of pressure on the electronic structure of ferromagnetic nickel and iron
19. Oscillations of the tunnel conductance of an n-GaAs:Te/Au junction with a Schottky barrier
20. Effect of pressure on the superconductivity in high-Tc mercury ceramics
21. Pressure self-multiplication effect in a phase transition under quasihydrostatic conditions
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