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1. Investigation of the Phonon Spectrum of Nickel
2. Investigation of the Phonon Spectrum of Vanadium
3. Investigation of the Quasilocal Level in the Vibration Spectrum of a Lattice with Heavy Impurity Atoms
4. An Investigation of Inelastic Neutron Scattering by a Crystal Doped with Light Impurity Atoms
5. Effect of tantalum and tungsten impurity on the phonon spectrum of vanadium
6. Experimental investigation of nonpair ion-ion interaction via conduction electrons in aluminum
7. Concentration dependence of local oscillations in Cu-Be system
8. Experimental study of the effect of carrier concentration on the vibrational spectrum of YBa2Cu3O7-y
9. Partial oscillation spectra of Cu, La, and O atoms in La2CuO4
10. A study of fractons in polymers
11. Phonon spectrum of copper oxide
12. Variation in the partial densities of Ni and B atom vibrational states with morphization of Ni2B
13. Point-contact and neutron spectroscopy of ruthenium
14. Neutron and microcontact investigations of characteristics of the electron-phonon interaction in technetium
15. Vibrational spectra of the alloys Vo0.75Ti0.25 and Vo0.75Cr0.125
16. Anharmonicity of local vibrations of Be in Cu-Be alloy
17. Calorimetric investigation of the changes in the electron and phonon spectra of the V-Pt system
18. Spin-phonon interaction and the lifetime of local vibrations in Ni1-x Bex
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