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1. Onset of inhomogeneous magnetic ordering of the spins in a superconductor
2. Dependence of the NMR relaxation time on the magnetic field in quasi-one-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional crystals
3. Nuclear relaxation rate and the Knight shift in layered S/N structures
4. Superconductor-ferromagnet structures
5. Magnetic flux penetration into layered superconductors
6. Anomalous temperature dependences of the London penetration depth and of the lower critical field in superconducting superlattices
7. The thermodynamic and magnetic properties of a system of superconducting twinning planes
8. Ferromagnetic film on the surface of a superconductor: possible onset of inhomogeneous magnetic ordering
9. Nonuniform state in quasi-1D superconductors
10. Localized states on defects in electronic transitions into a soliton-lattice state
11. Superconducting superlattices
12. Auto-waves in magnetic superconductors
13. Analysis of the twinning-plane superconductivity in tin and niobium
14. Behavior of magnetic superconductors in a magnetic field
A.I. Buzdin
JETP, 1984, Vol. 60, No. 3, p. 515
PDF (184.8K)

15. Existence of superconducting domain walls in ferromagnets
16. Phase diagrams of electronic and superconductlng transitions to soliton lattice states
17. Magnetic structures In the superconductlvlty-weak-ferromagnetlsm coexistence phase
18. Theory of localized superconductivity
19. Influence of a current and of a magnetic field on the properties of magnetic superconductors of the HoMo6S8 type
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