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1. Galvanomagnetic Characteristics of Metals with Open Fermi Surfaces. II
2. Nonlinear Effects in Metals at Low Temperatures
3. Galvanomagnetic Characteristics of Metals with Open Fermi Surfaces. I
4. Galvano-Magnetic Effects in Metals with Nearly Equal Numbers of Electrons and Holes
5. Theory of Cyclotron Resonance in Metals
6. The Fermi Surface of Tin
7. Contribution to the Theory of Magnetoacoustic Resonance in Metals
8. Resistance of Thin Plates and Wires in a Strong Magnetic Field
9. Ultrasonic Absorption by Small Size Conductors in a Magnetic Field
10. Magnetoresistance of Semimetals
11. The Resistance of Metals Located in Strong Magnetic Fields
12. Thermomagnetic Effects in Finite Metal Samples
13. Cyclotron resonance in thin conductors
14. Nonlinear effects in thin conductors
15. Attenuation of ultrasound in thin metal layers located in a magnetic field
16. Static skin effect in metals with open Fermi surfaces
17. Acousto-electron effects in layered conductors
18. High-frequency phenomena in metals in multichannel reflection of electrons by a sample boundary
19. High-frequency effects produced by Andreev reflection of charge carriers in thin normal-metal layers
20. Anomalous penetration of electric field of a point contact into a metal located in a magnetic field
21. Propagation of sound pulses in a metal with an open Fermi surface
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