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1. Peripheral Interactions between Elementary Particles
2. Interaction between Conduction Electrons in Ferromagnets
3. Beta-Interaction and Nucleon Formfactor
4. Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering in the Two-Meson Approximation for Large Orbital Angular Momenta
5. Phase Shift Analysis of pp Scattering at 95 Mev
6. Regge Poles and Landau Singularities
7. Some Properties of the Elastic Scattering Amplitude at High Energies
8. Limitation on the Rate of Decrease of Amplitudes for Various Processes
9. Some Consequences of the Moving-Pole Hypothesis for Processes at High Energies
10. Complex Angular Momenta and the Relation between the Cross Sections of Various Processes at High Energies
11. Production of High-Energy π Meson Beams
12. Electromagnetic Interaction of a Neutral Vector Meson
13. On the Theory of the Scattering of Slow Neutrons in a Fermi Liquid
14. Several Consequences of Unitary Symmetry for Processes Involving ω, \fi and f0 Mesons
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