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1. An Analysis of the Motion of an Ionization Front by Taking into Account Outflow of the Ionized Gas
2. Recombination of Hydrogen in the Hot Model of the Universe
3. Shock Wave Structure in the Radiation Spectrum During Bose Condensation of Photons
4. Stimulated Compton Interaction Between Maxwellian Electrons and Spectrally Narrow Radiation
5. The Effect of Energy Release on the Emission Spectrum in a Hot Universe
6. Plasma Effects in Stimulated Compton Interaction Between Matter and Radiation
7. The slowing down of fast protons in a plasma with a strong magnetic field
8. Narrowing and spreading of a radiation beam incident to induced Compton scattering
9. Stability of the isotropy of a random electromagnetic-wave field during stimulated scattering
10. Scattering of radiation by thermal electrons in a magnetic field
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