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1. Stability of Rotation of a Superfluid Liquid
2. Damping of Oscillations of a Disc in Rotating Helium II
3. Damping of the Oscillations of a Cylinder in Rotating Helium II
4. On the Irrotational Region in Rotating He II
5. The Shape of the Meniscus of Rotating He II
6. On Mutual Friction in Helium II
7. On the Vortex Structure of Rotating Helium
8. Flow of a Superfluid Liquid in Porous Media
9. Passage of Polarized Neutrons Through a Superconductor in the Mixed State
10. The Josephson Effect in Helium II
11. Parmeters of Phenomenological Superfluidity Theory and the λ-point Shift
12. Motion of a linear vortex singularity
13. Vortex motion in uniformly and nonuniformly rotating helium II
14. Velocity dependence of the density of the normal component, and hydrodynamics of superfluid flow at high velocities
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