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1. On the Theory of Relaxation Processes in Ferrodielectrics at Low Temperatures
2. On the Lagrangian Formalism for Spin Variables
3. Coupled Magnetoelastic Oscillations in Antiferromagnetics
4. Use of the Methods of Quantum Field Theory for the Investigation of the Thermodynamical Properties of a Gas of Electrons and Photons
5. Coupled Magnetoelastic Waves in Ferromagnetic Media and Ferroacoustic Resonance
6. Coherent Amplification of Spin Waves
7. Structure of Singularities and Their Motion in Nonlinear Electrodynamics
8. On the Theory of the Magnetic Properties of a Nonideal Fermi Gas at Low Temperatures
9. Theory of Relaxation of the Magnetic Moment in Ferromagnetic Materials
10. On the Theory of Singularities in Nonlinear Electrodynamics
11. Relaxation of Photons and Plasma Electrons in a Strong Magnetic Field
12. On the Theory of Low-Temperature, High-Frequency Magnetic Susceptibility of a Ferrodielectric
13. Effect of Radiation Processes on Transport Phenomena in a Plasma in a Strong Magnetic Field
14. Effect of Radiation on Electron Relaxation and Plasma Electrical Conductivity in a Strong Magnetic Field
15. The Theory of Transfer Phenomena in Metals in Strong Magnetic Fields
16. Theory of Thermomagnetic Phenomena in Metals in a Strong Magnetic Field
17. Theory of Thermomagnetic Phenomena in Metals in a Strong Magnetic Field
18. Theory of instabilities emerging in the formation of a quark-gluon plasma
19. Spontaneous magnetization in a dense neutron gas and a dense plasma of particles and antiparticles; magnetohydrodynamic waves in dense neutron matter
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