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1. Transport Phenomena in a Plasma in a Strong Magnetic Field
2. Plasma Oscillations in a High-frequency Electric Field
3. Parametric Resonance in a Plasma in a Magnetic Field
4. Parametric Excitation of Oscillations in a Plasma by the Field of a Modulated Microwave
5. Parametric Excitation of Surface Oscillations of a Plasma by an External High Frequency Field
6. Parametric Excitation of Upper and Lower Hybrid Resonances
7. Kinetic Theory of Parametric Excitation of Surface Waves in a Semi-Finite Plasma
8. Contribution to the Theory of Parametric Resonance in an Inhomogeneous Plasma
9. Generation of harmonics during scattering of a high-power electromagnetic wave by fluctuations of surface oscillations
10. Parametric generation of magnetic fields by action of strong radiation on a plasma
11. Nonlocal Josephson electrodynamics
12. Nonlocal Josephson electrodynamics of layered structures
13. Three-pulse hydrodynamic echo in an inhomogeneous plasma-vacuum transition layer
14. Generation of quasistatic magnetic fields and stimulated magnetic scattering in a plasma with frequent collisions
15. Hydrodynamic theory of echoes in a highly inhomogeneous plasma
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