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1. Effect of Directed Electron Beam on Moving Dislocations
2. Influence of Surface Scattering on the Magnetoresistance and Hall Effect in Plates
3. Influence of Magnetic Quantization on the Normal Skin Effect in Semimetals
4. Theory of the Classical Size Effect in the Electric Conductivity of Semimetals
5. Quantum Effects in Electromagnetic Excitation of Sound in Semimetals
6. Contribution to the Theory of the Skin Effect in Semimetals
7. Electromagnetic Excitation of Sound in a Metallic Plate
8. Electromagnetic generation of sound in metals located in a magnetic field
9. Electrical response to time-varying plastic deformation in a metal
10. Photoluminescence spectrum in plastically deformed semiconductors and electronic states in dissociated dislocations
11. Features of resonance absorption, due to spin-orbit interactions, by a system of two-dimensional electrons
12. Structural instability at line defects
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