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1. Superconducting quantum interferometer in a magnetic field
2. Contribution to the theory of weak superconductivity in SNINS systems
3. Finite-dimension ring interferometer in an external magnetic field
4. Quantum fluctuations and coherent effects in compact tunnel junctions
5. Quantum Brownian particle in a periodic potential
6. Destruction of coherence in quantum systems with dissipation
7. Theory of quantum tunneling with linear dissipation
8. Quantum decay of metastable current states at superconducting junctions
9. Effect of external fields and impurities on the Josephson current in SNINS junctions
10. Nonstationary Josephson effect and nonequilibrium properties of SNS junctions
A.D. Zaikin
JETP, 1983, Vol. 57, No. 4, p. 910
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