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1. Effect of Mutual Entrainment of Electrons and Phonons on the Transverse Electrical Conductivity in a Strong Magnetic Field
2. Theory of Thermal Diffusion of Brownian Particles
A.L. Efros
JETP, 1966, Vol. 23, No. 3, p. 536
PDF (591.6K)

3. Second Sound and the Absorption of Ordinary Sound in Dielectrics
4. Impurity Band and Conductivity of Compensated Semiconductors
5. Transition from Metallic to Activation Conductivity in Compensated Semiconductors
6. Completely Compensated Crystalline Semiconductor as a Model of an Amorphous Semiconductor
7. Band Tailing and Absorption of light in Semiconductors
8. Theory of Electron States in Heavily Doped Semiconductors
A.L. Efros
JETP, 1971, Vol. 32, No. 3, p. 479
PDF (718.4K)

9. Interband Absorption of Light in Strongly Doped Semiconductors
10. Contribution to the Theory of Elasticity of Crystals at Low Temperatures
A.L. Efros
JETP, 1968, Vol. 27, No. 6, p. 948
PDF (480K)

11. Localization of electrons in a magnetic field
12. The relation between the critical exponents of percolation theory
13. Galvanomagnetic phenomena in disordered systems. Theory and simulation
14. Elementary excitations in disordered systems with localized electrons
15. High-frequency hopping electrical conductivity of disordered two-dimensional systems
A.L. Efros
JETP, 1985, Vol. 62, No. 5, p. 1057
PDF (100.8K)

16. Resonant scattering in gapless semiconductors
17. High-temperature expansion of the thermodynamic functions of the electrons in the impurity band
18. Zero-phonon ac hopping conductivity of disordered systems
19. Density of localized states in the surface impurity band of a metal-insulator-semiconductor structure
20. Theory of impurity states in a zero-gap semiconductor
21. Electron scattering in a zero-gap semiconductor
22. Tunnel transparency of disordered systems in a magnetic field
23. Thermodynamic properties of impurity band electrons
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