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1. Electric Conductivity of Metals with Account of Phonon Drag
2. Determination of the Pseudopotential Fourier Components on the Basis of Interband Transitions in the Optical Range
3. Effect of Electron Collisions of Interband Transitions in Metals
4. Efficiency of Collisions Between Electrons and Long-wave Phonons in Polyvalent Metals
5. Low-temperature electrical conductivity of metals with closed Fermi surfaces
6. Galvanomagnetic properties of metals with open Fermi surfaces
7. Galvanomagnetic properties of metals with closed Fermi surfaces at low temperatures
8. On the theory of the electric conductivity of a thin metallic plate in a strong magnetic field
9. Hydrodynamic effects in the electrical conductivity of impure metals
10. Electron-phonon interaction and topological features in the thermal emf of metals
11. Hydrodynamic effects in the electric conductivity of two-dimensional metals
12. Electric conductivity of two-dimensional metallic systems
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