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1. The Reaction (d, α) on B11 and O16 at a Deuteron Energy 6.6 MeV
2. Polarization of Elastically Scattered 6.5-MeV Deuterons
3. Angular Distribution of the Polarization of Neutrons from the C12 ( d, n ) N13 Reaction
4. Uranium and Thorium Fission Induced by Sub-barrier Deuterons
5. Neutron Polarization in the C12(d, n)N13 Reaction
6. Polarization of 6.5-MeV Deuterons Elastically Scattered on Titanium, Iron, and Nickel
7. Stripping and Elastic Scattering of Deuterons by C12
8. Levels of the Si30 Nucleus from the Si29(d, p)Si30 Reaction
9. Polarization of Neutrons in the Reaction D(d, n )He3
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