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1. Showers Produced by Positrons in 100 to 400 Mev Range
2. The Reaction p + p \rightarrow p + p + {\pi}^0 in the Energy Range from Threshold to 665 Mev
3. The pn \rightarrow pn{\pi}^0 Reaction in the Energy Range from Threshold to 665 Mev
4. Production of Pions in p-d Collisions and Motion of Nucleons Inside the Nucleus
5. Pion Production in 650-MeV p-p Collisions
6. Measurement of the Mass Difference of Charged and Neutral Pions
7. Search for Near-Threshold Anomalies in the Energy Dependence of the Total Cross Section for Interaction of Protons
8. Angular Distributions of Pions Produced in Nucleon-nucleon Collisions and the Isotopic Invariance Hypothesis
9. Probability of the {\pi}^{+} \rightarrow {\pi}^{0} + e^{+} + 
u and {\pi}^{+} \rightarrow {\gamma} + e^{+} + 
u Decay
10. Experimental Estimate of Probability of β Decay of the π+ Meson
11. Pion Beta Decay
12. Elastic Scattering of 650-MeV Protons
13. Investigation of Showers Produced by 45, 130, 230, and 330 MeV Electrons in Lead
14. Transfer of π- Mesons in a Hydrogen-deuterium Gas Mixture
15. Some Features of π--meson Capture by Hydrogen in Chemical Compounds
16. Investigation of Electron-photon Showers with Scintillation Counters
17. Transfer of π- Mesons in a Mixture of Hydrogen with Other Gases
18. Influence of Particle Interaction on the Form of the Bragg Curve
19. Fluctuations in Showers Produced by Electrons with Energies from 45 to 330 mev
20. Showers Produced in Lead by 0.1 to 1 BeV Photons
21. Investigation of π--Meson Capture by Hydrogen in Hydrogenous Substances
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