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1. Several Possible Applications for the Resonant Scattering of Gamma Rays
2. Measurements of the Energy Dependence of Radiative Neutron Capture in Iron, Silver, and Gold at Energies up to 30 kev
3. Energy Dependence of the Reaction Cross Sections for Slow Neutrons
F.L. Shapiro
JETP, 1958, Vol. 7, No. 6, p. 1132
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4. Measurements with a Slowing-Down-Time Neutron Spectrometer Employing Lead. Excited Level of the He4 Nucleus
5. Neutron Spectrometry Based on the Measurement of the Decelerating Time of Neutrons
6. Cross Sections for Radiative Capture of Neutrons with Energies up to 50 keV by La139, Pr141, and Au197
7. Deviations of the Cross Sections for Slow Neutron Reactions on Light Nuclei from the l/v Law
8. Observation of Resonance Absorption of Gamma Rays in Zn67
9. The Cl35 (n, p) Reaction and Neutron Resonance Parameters of Chlorine
10. Observation of the Mössbauer Effect in Sm1492O3
11. Energy Spectrum of Resonance Absorption in Zinc Oxide of the 92-keV γ Radiation From Zn67
12. Energy Dependence of Cross Sections for (n, γ) Reactions on a Number of Odd-Z Nuclei
13. The Relatioh Between the Scattering Length and the Radiative Capture Cross Section for Neutrons
14. Production of very cold neutrons
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