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1. Quantum Theory of Spatial Dispersion of Electric and Magnetic Susceptibilities
2. Possible Transmission of Electromagnetic Waves through a Metal in a Strong Magnetic Field
3. Coherence of States in the Scattering of Modulated Light
4. Modulation of Scattered Light by Parametric Resonance
5. A Diagram Technique for Evaluating Transport Quantities
6. Particle Collisions in a High-Temperature Plasma
7. A Theory of the Dispersion of the High-Frequency Exciton Conductivity of a Crystal
8. A More Precise Determination of the Kinetic Coefficients of a Plasma
9. Optical Orientation of Atoms in a Magnetic Field Perpendicular to a Beam
10. Dopplerons in Cadmium
11. Characteristic Transformation of the Fluctuation Spectrum of Radiation Passing Through a Resonant Medium
12. Nonlinear Absorption of Ruby Laser Light by Molecular Potassium Vapor
13. Sound-like Waves in the Electron Plasma of Metals in a Quantizing Magnetic Field
14. Plasma Surface States in Semiconductors
15. Doppler Shifted Cyclotron Resonance in Cadmium
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