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1. Photomagnetic Effects in Germanium in Strong Magnetic Fields
I.N. Nikolaev
JETP, 1964, Vol. 18, No. 4, p. 1150
PDF (367.6K)

2. The Photomagnetic Effect in a p-n Junction
3. Angular Distribution of Material Vaporized by a Laser Beam
4. Influence of pressure on effective magnetic fields at tin impurity nuclei in iron and nickel
5. Mössbauer effect in the Co2MnSn alloy under pressure
6. Sign of conduction-electron polarization in iron
7. Effect of pressure on the effective magnetic fields at Fe57 nuclei in the dielectric magnetic substances Y3Fe5O12 and FeF3
8. Hyperfine magnetic fields at the 57 and 119Sn nuclei in the antiferromagnet FeSn2 under pressure
9. Hyperfine magnetic fields at the nuclei 57Fe and 119Sn in the alloy Fe48Rh52 under pressure
10. Mössbauer effect under pressure on tin impurity-atom nuclei in the alloys Pd-Fe and Pd-Co, and the hyperfine magnetic field model
11. Effect of pressure on the hyperfine magnetic fields at the nuclei of iron impurity atoms in antiferromagnetic chromium
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