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1. Theory of the absorption band shape and the fluorescence band shape of an impurity center in the Condon approximation
I.S. Osad'ko
JETP, 1977, Vol. 45, No. 4, p. 827
PDF (371.2K)

2. Dynamic theory of spectral diffusion in optical spectra of impurities
I.S. Osad'ko
JETP, 1996, Vol. 82, No. 3, p. 434
PDF (324.9K)

3. The theory of homogeneous impurity band shape in polymers and glasses
4. Theory of femtosecond photon echoes in solid solutions
5. Equations for nonlinear spectroscopy of solids
I.S. Osad'ko
JETP, 1990, Vol. 71, No. 3, p. 583
PDF (231.4K)

6. Theory of shape of homogeneous optical band of impurity centers in amorphous and crystalline media
I.S. Osad'ko
JETP, 1986, Vol. 63, No. 4, p. 851
PDF (323.9K)

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