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1. On the Theory of Transition Radiation
2. Transition Radiation in a Plasma with Account of Temperature
V.M. Yakovenko
JETP, 1962, Vol. 14, No. 2, p. 278
PDF (252.3K)

3. The Low Frequency Properties of a Semiconducting Plasma Situated in a Constant Electric Field
4. Helicoidal Instability in Metals and Semiconductors
5. Weak Turbulence Spectrum and Second Sound in a Plasma
6. Weak Turbulence of Helicons in an Electron-hole Plasma
V.M. Yakovenko
JETP, 1970, Vol. 30, No. 2, p. 315
PDF (382.3K)

7. Contribution to the Theory of Weak Turbulence of Coupled Waves in a Magnetoactive Solid-state Plasma
8. Contribution to the theory of superheat instability in semiconductors
9. Weak-coupling theory for La2CuO4
10. Theory of magnetic-field-induced phase transitions in quasi-one-dimensional conductors
V.M. Yakovenko
JETP, 1987, Vol. 66, No. 2, p. 355
PDF (569.7K)

11. On the theory of organic superconducting materials
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