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1. Measurement of the Electrical Resistance of Metals in a Magnetic Field as a Method of Investigating the Fermi Surface
2. Topology of the Fermi Surface for Gold
Yu. P. Gaidukov
JETP, 1960, Vol. 10, No. 5, p. 913
PDF (995.1K)

3. Anisotropy of the Electrical Resistance of Mg and Pt Single Crystals in a Magnetic Field at 4.2^{\circ}K
4. Effect of Pressure on the Fermi Surfaces of Zinc and Cadmium
5. The Fermi Surface of Tin
6. Open Cross Sections of Cadmium, Zinc, and Thallium Fermi Surfaces
7. Fermi Surface of Silver
8. Concerning the Fermi Surface of Tin
9. The Fermi Surface of Lead
10. Influence of Pressure on Oscillation Effects in Bismuth
11. Open Electron Trajectories and Resistivity Oscillations in Zinc
12. Anisotropy of the Electrical Resistance of Indium in a Magnetic Field
Yu. P. Gaidukov
JETP, 1966, Vol. 22, No. 4, p. 730
PDF (439.3K)

13. Temperature Dependence of the Resistance of Filamentary Zinc Crystals
14. Temperature Dependence of the Coefficient of Specular Reflection of Conduction Electrons from the Surface of Zinc or Cadmium
15. Static surface resistance of zinc in a magnetic field
16. Investigation of the surface conductivity of tin in a magnetic field by a high-frequency technique
17. Magnetoresistance of filamentary cadmium single crystals at 4.2^{\circ}K
18. Dependence of the probability for specular reflection on the angle of incidence of conduction electrons in antimony
19. Quantum oscillations of the magnetoresistance of thin antimony ribbons
20. Size effects in the magnetoresistance of antimony whisker crystals
21. Electronic transition of order 2 1/2 in bismuth following simple dilatation
22. Nonlinear electromagnetic generation of longitudinal ultrasound in zinc
23. Electromagnetic excitation of ultrasound in a dysprosium single crystal
24. Nonlinear current-voltage characteristics of metals under size-eff ect conditions
25. Dispersion of the velocities of transverse and longitudinal sound in tin subjected to a magnetic field
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