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1. Equation of State for Aluminum, Copper, and Lead in the High-Pressure Region
2. The Isentropic Compressibility of Aluminum, Copper, Lead, and Iron at High Pressures
3. Dynamic Compressibility of Metals under Pressures from 400,000 to 4,000,000 Atmospheres
4. Dynamic Compressibility and Equation of State of Iron under High Pressure
5. The Dynamic Compressibility, Equation of State, and Electrical Conductivity of Sodium Chloride at High Pressures
6. Shock Adiabats and Zero Isotherms of Seven Metals at High Pressures
7. Irregular Conditions of Oblique Collision of Shock Waves in Solid Bodies
8. Effect of Electron Structure on the Compressibility of Metals at High Pressure
9. Peculiarities of Phase Transitions in Compression and Rarefaction Shock Waves
10. Evaporation of shock-compressed lead in release waves
11. New measurements of the viscosity of water behind a shock wave front
12. Shock adiabats for ultrahigh pressures
13. Hysteresis in polymorphic transitions of potassium chloride in shock waves
14. X-ray diffraction investigation of the structure of shock-compressed aluminum
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