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1. Diffraction Scattering of High-Energy Photons by Nuclei
2. A Possible Neutral Cascade Meson Decay
3. Production of Strange Particles by 2.8-BeV/c π|- Mesons on Xenon Nuclei
4. New Data on the Production of Neutral Pions in the Coulomb Field of the Nucleus
5. Transverse Polarization of Λ Hyperons, Generated by 2.8-ev/c Pions on Xenon Nuclei
6. Resonances in the Baryon System with Strangeness \midS\mid = 1
7. Search for Resonances in the K^{0}\bar{K}^{0} Pair-production Reaction
8. π0-Meson Production in a Nuclear Coulomb Field
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