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1. Stochastic mechanism of excitation of molecules that interact with their own radiation field
2. Static properties and small-amplitude-oscillation spectrum of 2π solitons of the discrete double sine-Gordon equation
3. Transient Hamiltonian chaos in the interaction of an electromagnetic field with two-level atoms
4. Chaotic dynamics in NMR
5. Quantum chaos in a diatomic molecule interacting with a resonant field
6. Stability of spatial structures and annihilation of soliton-antisoliton pairs in a discrete {\varphi}^4 model
7. Stochastic mechanism of generation of optical radiation
8. Quasienergy functions and spectrum for two interacting nonlinear resonances in the region of classical chaos
9. Dynamic chaos in the interaction between external monochromatic radiation and a two-level medium, with allowance for cooperative effects
10. Self-consistent theory of spatial structures and dynamic excitations in one-dimensional quantum systems
11. Nonlinear dynamics technique and spatial structures of quantum one-dimensional chains
12. Nonlinear resonance and stochasticity in a system of surface electrons
13. Quantum chaos in stationary coherent states
14. Stochastic instability of classical homogeneous SU(2) {\otimes} U(1) fields with spontaneously broken symmetry
15. Interaction of quantum nonlinear resonances
16. The limit of stochasticity for a one-dimensional chain of interacting oscillators
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