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1. Influence of the Earth's Magnetic Field on the Space-Distribution of Particles in Extensive Air Showers
2. Cloud Chamber Investigations in the Cores of Extensive Air Showers
3. Distribution of the Electron-Photon Component on the Periphery of Extensive Air Showers of Cosmic Rays
4. Energy Spectrum of μ-Mesons in Extensive Atmospheric Cosmic Ray Showers
5. The Penetrating Component of Extensive Cosmic Ray Showers in the Atmosphre
6. Decay Processes in the Development of Nuclear Cascades in the Atmosphere
7. Energy Spectra of the Electron-Proton Component in Extensive Atmospheric Showers Near the Shower Axis
8. Number of Extensive Atmospheric Showers of Cosmic Rays near Sea Level
9. The Spatial Distribution of Nuclear-Active Particles in Broad Atmospheric Showers of Cosmic Rays
10. Cloud Chamber Investigation of the Electron-Photon Component near the Axis of Extensive Air Showers at 3860 m above Sea Level
11. Energy Spectrum of Nuclear-Active Particles in Extensive Air Showers
12. Study of High-Energy Nuclear-Active Particles with Ionization Chambers
13. Observation of Nuclear-Actlve Particles of Cosmic Radiation with Energy {\ge}10^{13} ev
14. Investigation of the Composition of Prlmary Cosmic Radiation by Observation of Cerenkov Radiation Fluctuations in Extensive Air Showers
15. Determination of the Total Number of Nuclear Interacting Particles in Extensive Air Showers with 3x103 to 107 Particles
16. Calculation of Average Parameters of Extensive Cosmic-Ray Air Showers
17. Investigation of Nuclear-Active Particles and Electron-Photon Showers with Energies >1012 ev at 3860 m Altitude
18. Necessity for a New Hypothesis Regarding Energy Transfer to an Electron-photon Cascade by Nucleons with Energies Exceeding 1013 eV
19. Composition of cosmic radiation at energies {\sim}10^{15} eV and above
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