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1. Shift of the Ferromagnetism-Antiferromagnetism Transition Point in Dysprosium under Hydrostatic Pressure
2. Magnetic and Magnetoelastic Properties of Dysprosium and Gadolinium
3. Magnetostriction of Tb and Ho
S.A. Nikitin
JETP, 1963, Vol. 16, No. 1, p. 21
PDF (371.9K)

4. Effects of Helicoidal Magnetic Structure on the Magnetostriction of Dysprosium
5. Determination of Exchange Interaction of Sublattices in Gadolinium Iron-garnet on the Basis of the Magnetocaloric Effect
6. Magnetic Viscosity in Rare-earth Ferromagnets
7. The Paraprocess in Rare-earth Iron Garnets in the Curie-temperature Region
8. Theory of the Anomalies of Physical Properties of Ferrimagnets in the Vicinity of the Magnetic Compensation Point
9. Influence of Pressure on the Magnetoresistance and the Critical Field of a Dysprosium Single Crystal
10. Magnetic properties of compounds of rare-earth metals with iron, of the type RFe3
11. Magnetostriction and thermal expansion of single crystals of the rare earth gadolinium-dysprosium alloys
12. Magnon component of the resistivity in single-crystal terbium-yttrium alloys
13. Electrical properties and dependence of the s-f exchange integral on atomic volume of single crystals of gadolinium-dysprosium alloys
14. Nuclear magnetic resonance in GdxY1-xFe3 compounds
15. Hyperfine fields at Fe57 nuclei in GdxY1- xFe2 alloys
16. Magnetocaloric effect in compounds of rare-earth metals with iron
17. NMR investigation of GdxY1-xFe2 compounds
18. Anomalies of magnetic and electric properties on change of topology of the Fermi surface in terbium-yttrium alloys
19. Magnetic phase transformations and the magnetocaloric effect in single crystals of Tb-Y alloys
20. Magnetic, magnetoelastic, and electric properties of single-crystal terbium-gadolinium alloys
21. Features of the magnetic behavior and of the magnetocaloric effect in a single crystal of gadolinium
22. Magnetic hysteresis in terbium-yttrium rare earth alloys near the antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition
23. Magnetic anisotropy of alloys of terbium with yttrium and gadolinium
24. Magnetic-ordering temperatures and direct-exchange integral in the rare-earth terbium-yttrium and terbium-gadolinium alloys
S.A. Nikitin
JETP, 1979, Vol. 50, No. 1, p. 176
PDF (336.7K)

25. Orientational phase transitions in the vicinity of the Curie point in terbium-gadolinium alloys
26. Influence of replacement of gadolinium with zirconium on the magnetic properties and hyperfine interactions in Gd1-xZrxCo2 compounds
27. Magnetic properties and phase transitions in amorphous Er-Fe alloys
28. Study of the electron structure of single crystals of terbium-yttrium alloys by the positron annihilation technique
29. Effect of pressure on magnetic phase transitions, and bulk magnetostriction in the vicinity of the Curie point in a terbium-gadolinium alloy
30. Anisotropy of the electric properties of alloys of terbium, gadolinium, and yttrium
S.A. Nikitin
JETP, 1981, Vol. 53, No. 6, p. 1260
PDF (246.4K)

31. NMR investigation of the effect of hydrostatic pressure on magnetization of the intermetallic compound YFe2
32. Nature of the giant magnetostriction strains in single-crystal alloys of terbium with ytterbium and gadolinium
S.A. Nikitin
JETP, 1981, Vol. 53, No. 1, p. 104
PDF (238.7K)

33. Influence of the giant magnetostriction on the antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic phase transition in terbium-yttrium alloys
S.A. Nikitin
JETP, 1984, Vol. 59, No. 5, p. 1010
PDF (199.4K)

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