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1. Nonlinear Propagation of High-frequency Monochromatic Ultrasound in Solids with High Mobility Current Carriers
P.E. Zil'berman
JETP, 1971, Vol. 33, No. 5, p. 1048
PDF (778.9K)

2. Nonlinear Acoustoelectric Effect and Amplification of Ultrasound in Indium Antimonide
3. Transport theory of the interaction of ultrasound with conduction electrons
4. Theory of electron dragging by a spin wave in a layered medium
5. Excitation and propagation of exchange spin waves in films of yttrium iron garnet
6. Nonlinear effects in the propagation of surface magnetostatic waves in yttrium iron garnet films in weak magnetic fields
7. Parametric excitation of spin waves by spatially localized pumping of tangentially magnetized yttrium iron garnet films
8. Propagation of magnetostatic waves in yttrium iron garnet films of submicron thickness
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