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1. Generation of Nonlinear Acoustic Waves in Stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin Scattering in a Plasma.
2. Generation of Longitudinal Waves at Combination Frequencies in a Beam-Plasma System
3. A model of turbulence
4. The phase stochastization mechanism and the structure of wave turbulence in dissipative media
5. High-frequency Instability of an Electromagnetic Wave in a Nonequilibrium Magnetized Plasma
6. Coalescence of wave pulses or beams in explosive instability
7. Stimulated temperature scattering of electromagnetic waves in a plasma with collisions
8. Onset of stochasticity in decay confinement of parametric instability
9. Stochastic self-modulation of waves in nonequillbrium media
10. Stochastic oscillations of a parametrically excited nonlinear chain
11. Spatiotemporal chaos in the parametric excitation of a capillary ripple
12. Strange attractors and the spatial development of turbulence in flow systems
13. The development of chaos in dynamic structure ensembles
14. The appearance of stochasticity in the interaction between a modulation soliton and low-frequency waves
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