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1. Periodic two-phase structures during phase transformations stimulated by Joule heating
2. Cellular, dendritic, and doublon patterns in directional crystallization
3. Morphological stability of interfaces during phase transitions stimulated by Joule heating
4. Influence of kinetic effects on the growth of a two-dimensional dendrite
E.A. Brener
JETP, 1989, Vol. 69, No. 1, p. 133
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5. Growth of a needle-shaped crystal in a channel
6. Selection of the velocity and direction of growth of an isolated dendrite
7. Stability of the growth of needle dendrites
8. Selection of eutectic structure
9. Block-structure aggregation kinetics of a growing crystal
10. Layered growth of a two-component crystal (theory)
11. Kinetics of nucleation at first-order phase transitions
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