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1. Effect of dynamic mixing of collectivized and localized states on the critical temperature of superconductors
2. Mixing of states of conduction electrons and impurity d(f) ions
3. High temperature ferromagnetism and the metal-semiconductor transition in an iron chromium sulfide spinel
4. Magnetic properties of an erbium single crystal in strong fields
5. Off-diagonal disorder and metal-dielectric transition in a narrow-band metal
6. Self-consistent description of metal-insulator phase transition in the two-band model
7. Density of single-particle states in a system of strongly correlated electrons in copper oxides
8. Comparison of band structures of the compounds La2CuO2 and Nd2CuO4
9. A new mechanism for impurity-level formation in semiconductors with strong electron correlations
10. Influence of strong electron correlations on the form of the x-ray Cu K absorption spectra of La2-xSrxCuO4
11. Correlation of electronic and magnetic properties of La2CuO4
12. Influence of antiferromagnetic ordering on the band structure of La2CuO4
13. Variations in the density of states with doping of CuO2 layers by holes
S.G. Ovchinnikov
JETP, 1993, Vol. 76, No. 4, p. 687
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14. Multielectron energy structure and physical properties of the ferromagnetic semiconductor CdCr2Se4
15. Quantum spin-wave theory of ferromagnets with arbitrary single-ion anisotropy
16. Contribution of magnon-magnon interaction to the thermodynamics of anisotropic ferromagnets
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