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1. Regge Poles in the Problem of the Quasiclassical Potential Well at Energies Below the Bottom of the Well
I.A. Fomin
JETP, 1964, Vol. 19, No. 1, p. 187
PDF (172.2K)

2. Roton Viscosity and Thermal Conductivity of Superfluid Helium
I.A. Fomin
JETP, 1971, Vol. 33, No. 3, p. 637
PDF (458.6K)

3. Surface Waves in Fermi Liquids
I.A. Fomin
JETP, 1972, Vol. 34, No. 6, p. 1371
PDF (547.3K)

4. Excitation of Transverse Zero Sound in Liquid He3
I.A. Fomin
JETP, 1968, Vol. 27, No. 6, p. 1010
PDF (477K)

5. Magnetization precession in superfluid phases of He3
I.A. Fomin
JETP, 1976, Vol. 44, No. 2, p. 416
PDF (395.1K)

6. Structure of the bound-state spectrum of two rotons in superfluid helium
7. Large-amplitude spin waves and magnetic relaxation in the superfluid phases of 3He
I.A. Fomin
JETP, 1980, Vol. 51, No. 6, p. 1203
PDF (574K)

8. Magnetic relaxation in the hydrodynamic region in the superfluid phases of He3 located in a strong magnetic field
I.A. Fomin
JETP, 1979, Vol. 50, No. 1, p. 144
PDF (439.7K)

9. Structure of the vortex lattice in superconductors with a tricritical point
10. Precessing structures and spin waves in a spin-polarized Fermi liquid
I.A. Fomin
JETP, 1995, Vol. 81, No. 2, p. 347
PDF (293.1K)

11. Dynamics of uniform texture in 3He-B
12. Nonlinear theory of relaxation of unstable magnetization precession in 3He-A
13. Steady-state spin current in 3He-B
I.A. Fomin
JETP, 1988, Vol. 67, No. 6, p. 1148
PDF (206.2K)

14. Low-frequency spin dynamics of superfluid 3He-B in a magnetic field
I.A. Fomin
JETP, 1987, Vol. 66, No. 6, p. 1142
PDF (364.7K)

15. Separation of magnetization precession in 3He-B into two magnetic domains. Theory
I.A. Fomin
JETP, 1985, Vol. 61, No. 6, p. 1207
PDF (297.7K)

16. Periodic motions of the magnetization In the B phase of helium-3
I.A. Fomin
JETP, 1983, Vol. 57, No. 6, p. 1227
PDF (314.8K)

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