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1. On the Theory of Gigantic Oscillations in Ultrasonic Absorption
2. Giant Oscillations of Sound Absorption by Metals in the Case of Open Trajectories
3. Fluctuations in Semiconductors in a Strong Electric Field and the Scattering of Light by "Hot" Electrons
4. Fluctuations in Nonequilibrium Stationary State
5. Diagram technique for phonon turbulence
6. Collision correlation as the cause of the power-law asymptotic behavior of responses and the distinctive features of the spectrum of low-frequency fluctuations
7. Influence of phonon interaction on the linewidth and line profile in Brillouin scattering of light
8. Electron fluctuations under phonon nonequilibrium conditions
9. Multlpartlcle correlations In a nonequllibrium gas with pair collisions
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