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1. Magnetoelastic interaction in the martensitic transformation in an Ni2MnGa single crystal
2. The effect of f-d interaction on the magnetic state of d-subsystems in the itinerant magnets Y(Co1-xAIx)2; investigation of the compounds Y1-tGdt(Co1-xAIx)_2
3. The f-d exchange interaction in heavy-rare-earth RCo2 compounds
4. Itinerant metamagnetism and ferromagnetism in the M(Co1-xAIx)2 (M Y and Lu) systems: The effect of unit cell volume
5. Characteristics of magnetic ordering in Y2(Ni1-xCox)3 and Y(Ni1-xCox)3 systems
6. Properties of isotropic and anisotropic magnetoelastic interactions of intermetallic RCo2 compounds
7. Metamagnetism of itinerant d-electrons in YCo2: Investigation of metamagnetic transitions in Y(Co, Al)2
8. Magnetic and magnetoelastic properties of the band metarnagnet ThCo5
9. Metamagnetism of the manganese subsystem In RMn2 intermetallic compounds
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