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1. Ionization of Air by H+ and H+2 Ions
2. Dissociation of the Molecular Ion H+2 in Collisions with Gases
3. Ionization of Molecular Hydrogen by H+, H+2, and H+3 Ions
4. Transformation of Positive Helium Ions Colliding with Inert Gas Atoms into Negative Ions
5. Ionization of Argon by Atoms and Singly or Doubly Charged Ions of Neon and Argon
6. Elementary Processes of Change of Charge States in the Interaction between Protons and Hydrogen Molecules
7. Energy Loss Spectra of Electrons Colliding with Inert Gas Atoms
8. Investigation, by the Coincidence Method, of Charge State Changes Occurring in the Interaction Between H+, H0, and H- and the Xenon Atom
9. Investigation of Inelastic Processes Occurring During Collisions between K+ Ions and Ar Atoms
10. Singularities in Scattering of Atomic Particles in Collisions Involving the Excitation of Inner Electron Shells
11. Processes Altering Charge State in Collisions of Hydrogen Atoms with H2 Molecules
12. Investigation of the Line Widths of Discrete Energy Losses i n Ar+-Ar Collisions
13. Model of intersecting bands for interaction of closely approaching atomic particles
14. Inelastic Energy Loss and Ionization in Excitation of Outer and Inner Electron Shells During Atomic Collisions
15. Differential scattering cross sections in K+-Ar collisions
16. Interaction of protons and hydrogen atoms with CO molecules
17. Formation of He+ ions in various electronic states in He+2 + He collisions
18. Two-step photoionization of helium via the 4p1P1 state
19. Single- and double-electron capture from many-electron atoms by α particles in the MeV energy range
20. Emission from a recombining laser-produced beryllium plasma in the far expansion zone
21. Electron capture from helium atoms into various electronic states by multiply charged argon ions
22. Auger spectroscopy of quasimolecules
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